Hilda Denkert


My name is Hilda Denkert from Hudiksvall, Sweden. I am 15 years old and horses are my passion. Jumping horses is closest to my heart, even if the dressage is a part of my everyday training.

I have gone through/completed Cat III-ponny via Cat II-pony. My previous ponies were fun and an amazing learning experience.
Have ridden in several Swedish Championships. In 2014, I completed in the Ridsport Pony cup with Black Lady 45 (Cat II) and won. I am now aiming for my
Cat I -ponny, Carraig Donn with new goals in 1.30.
During the season of 2015, I began to compete with horses. I ride two horses. I ride Qornelia in my 1.30 classes and our young horse Neo in 1.20.

Being a member of Team Animo Nordic:

I will share with you a little about what it means to be a member of Team Animo Nordic. I am honored to be chosen knowing there are many excellent riders around me.
I am excited and fortunate that I have been selected from a variety of criteria to become a member. Besides the riding, we will be, among other things, a good friend, be kind with our horses and be a great ambassador for the Animo simply.

The membership means that we are working for Animo. That is why you have seen and will continue to see pictures of our Animo events. Pictures of Animo are on Instagram and Facebook.
It's great fun to be a member of Team Animo and to get to know the riders from the other Nordic countries. Members of the Team Animo come from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Last spring, The Team met at the office in Denmark. During our meeting we talked a little tactic, watched and discussed collections and photographs. We spent time getting to know and learn about each other. – Think about how fun it was when we where speaking "Scandinavian" to understand each other.😄

I am proud and honored to be a member of Team Nordic Animo !!
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