Martine Mariero Moe


I was born 15.02.2003 in Stavanger and I moved to Stokke in 2006 where I live with my parents, my dog, my cat and my ponies. I grew up with horses, and got my first pony before I could even walk. I started competing when I was nine, and I have been hooked on Show Jumping ever since! I adore my ponies, and love to groom them and take good care of them. I believe that when they look good, they also feel good – and Animo really make them look smashing!

We have a stable at home, so I get to spend a lot of time with my ponies. Connie Bull-Røed is my trainer, and I also take flatwork lessons from Mari Svele. They both do a great job teaching and helping me to become a better rider! I really want to become a full time rider when I grow up!

In August I started 8th grade at Wang Ung Tønsberg, a school for sport athletes. I really look forward to go to a school that enables me to train even more as well as focus on my school work!

Together with my ponies I have competed in several National Shows, Baltic Cups and a few International Shows. I have a fantastic School Master in my 22 years old “Odd One Out”, and also great future stars, I hope, in my younger ponies; Aisling’s Boy (born 2009) and Sunny’s Heart (born 2011). Sunny is bred and co-owned by another member of the team, Solveig Fotland Newermann, who competed Internationally on his mum. I have been fortunate enough to ride a few ponies for breeders, taking young ponies from their first shows to International Competitions. I have had several placings in Baltic Cups, with victory in Big Tour as my best result. This year I was placed 4th in the Grand Prix at Arctic Equestrian Games, 3rd in Big Tour on Drammen Spring Tour, 3rd in the Pony Grand Prix of Oslo Horse Show and won Rogaland Pony Derby, amongst other good results. Due to Norwegian regulations on children and sports, this is the first year I am able to compete in the Norwegian Championships.

I got my first horse, Anderida Anica fall 2016. Anica is sired by the stallion Animo, which feels extra special being on Team Animo Nordic. Anica has previously competed on International level with Camilla Storemark, and I am fortunate and proud to have this horse to compete in Children on horses. Together with Anica I won the Norwegian Indoor Championships for Children 2016.

I am a proud member of Team Animo Nordic, and I absolute love Animo! Being a member of Team Animo Nordic gives me a lot! I have got new friends through the other Team members. I learn a lot about the various designs and collections, and also a bit about marketing. I get to wear the most comfortable breeches, the sweetest shirts and best jackets every day! My ponies looks amazing in their saddle pads, bandages, huts and rugs from Animo. I love the fabrics, the design and all the details! I wear my Animo clothing every day, feeling fortunate to be a member of the Team.

If you want to see more of my everyday life, you can follow me on Instagram “martinemarieromoe”
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