Mathilde Andersen


Hi, my name is Mathilde Andersen and I am sixteen years old. I got my first pony when I was six years old and already at that time I new that was what I wanted. I've worked hard to achieve the results i have today.

I have ridden all levels on my former pony Attilla King, who was sold in March 2016 to Germany. Therefore I am now Junior rider at my new horse Allyouzeeiz Fir-fod, who is a 8-yearsold gelding. I am trained by Mia Lee who has Stald Magic in Ikast.

I think it's cool to be a part of Team Animo Nordic. Animo is behind a lot of nice clothes and not at least equipment for the horse. Animo's clothes and equipment is not only nice design, but also good quality.
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