Solveig Fotland Newermann


Born: 05/04/1994
Location: Stavanger
Occupation: Rider / student

Started riding: Around 6 years old in a riding school, and got my first pony the year after. I started to compete at the age of 8 and have been part of the Norwegian National Team of Show Jumping since the age of 12. When I was 15 I sold my ponies and bought my first horse. I love my horses and I would like to become a fulltime rider, but since this is quite a risky occupation I will take an education beside, and am now a part-time student at the Norwegian College of Sports.
Present I have only 1 horse of my own, and I have 1 horse in regular training. I actually also have a pony, but he is trained and ridden by another Team Animo Nordic member; Martine Mariero Moe.
Hopefully I will soon find one more horse for myself and by that be able to climb another step on my ladder to become a really good rider. My trainer and coach, Mikael Kolind, whom I train with and for several times a week, is of course also a big contributor in my riding carrier.
I’m lucky and have been able to take part in quite a few big events, and I have learnt a lot from watching some of the best riders in the world. I very much enjoy studying the top-riders, their methods and partnership with their horses.

My biggest achievement in my riding carrier was team Silver Medal in the European Championship for young riders in 2014 in Arezzo.

Good results the last few years
2014 > 14th place 1,55 EM YR Arezzo
2014 > 13 th place CSI2* 1,45 GP, AEG
2014 > 12 th place CSI3* 1,40 Arezzo -Toscana Tour
2014 > 10 th place CSI3* 1,45 Arezzo -Toscana Tour
2014 > 8 th place CSIOY 1,45 Hagen
2014 > 13 th place CSIY 1,45 GP Odense
2014 > 4 th place CSI2* 1,40 KOHS
2014 > 12 th place CSI2* 1,45 GP KOHS

2015 > 3rd place CSI2* 1,45, AEG
2015 > 3 rd place CSI2* 1,45 GP, AEG
2015 > 9 th place CSI2* 1,45, AEG
2015 > 5 th place CSI3* 1,45, Lanaken
2015 > 9 th place CSIO3* 1,45 Drammen SpringTour
2015 > 5t th place CSIY 1,45 GP Odense
2015 > 6 th place CSI2* 1,40 KOHS
2015 > 1 th place CSI2*1,45 GP KOHS
2015 > 3 rd place Norwegian Championship Young Riders
2015 > 3 rd place Norwegian Championship indoor, Senior

2016 > 1 th place CSI3* Grand Prix Qualifier 1,45, AEG
2016 > 2nd place CSI2* 1,45 GP, Oliva Nova
2016 > 15 th place CSI3* 1,55 GP, Drammen Spring Tour.

I was very lucky to become a Team Animo Nordic member in 2015. I really love the fabric and comfort in both the breeches (which is absolutely a must, wearing them 12 hours a day and riding a lot of horses), the jackets, T-shirts and sweaters. Both me and my horses feel well-dressed in our Animo gear well designed and with lots of amazing details making it all kind of special. I feel very lucky and proud to have become a team member.
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